Mumbai:  For long, the equation between actor Arjun Kapoor and his father Boney Kapoor as well as his extended family were at best strained. However, with the tragic demise of Boney Kapoor's second wife, Sridevi, Arjun came forward to support his father and his step-sisters like a true prodigal son. 

"It’s something that has been growing and still evolving. I’ve been very honest about it. I’ve not made any pretence saying that we’re a happy family and we’ve sorted everything. So, I don’t care what people think; I just want them to be okay. It’s my job to be a good son to my father and the byproduct of that is I’ve managed to find two more sisters; they allow me to call them my sisters and that’s very large-hearted on their part," the actor said in an interview with Hindustan Times.

The brave front of this Kapoor family came forth in the first ever photograph of the family together, at actor Sonam Kapoor's wedding. Arjun agrees, he says, "That’s the only thing we have done as a unit to give you all – an image of saying that we are trying. And that is the truth — we are trying."