Since the last few days, we have noticed that Sidharth Shukla has been ignoring Shehnaaz Gill on Bigg Boss 13. He also had a few harsh words for Shehnaaz on her behaviour and said that he didn't like people who are like her. He also said that he stays away from people like her, who are not true to their parents and who can easily fool him.


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Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill's emotional drama:
When Shehnaaz tried to inch closer to Sidharth, he ignored her at first, but then removed her hand from his body and moved to another couch. He then said, “Jo apne maa baap ka saga nahi hota na, wo kisi ka saga nahi hota, aur tune ye sau baar dikha diya. Aur main aise logon se door rehta hu.” (The person who can’t be true to their parents can’t be trusted) Shukla further tried to explain that many smart people like her have fooled him earlier, so it is better if he doesn’t associate with people like her. Hurt by his thoughts, Shehnaaz was seen sobbing silently after.

But this was not the end, Shehnaaz once again tried to talk to Shukla, and told him she wants to ask him one last question, “How do you know main apne maa baap ki sagi nahi hu?” (How do you know I am not true to my parents?) to which Sidharth said that he had invested too much time and too many emotions and didn’t want to continue like this.

Shehnaaz let him be after this, but not before telling him that he doesn’t know the real story and that he shouldn’t judge her.