Salman Khan, who is in the news for his upcoming movie Dabangg 3 and Bigg Boss 13, is now contemplating whether he should continue hosting the show or not. Bigg Boss is India's most controversial reality show, which is in the news every time the season airs

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Salman expressed his views by saying, “Yeah, a part of mine wants to cut that part and throw it out and the other part wants to keep it. And the latter is ‘haavi’ on the part that wants to throw it out.”

Khan has been hosting the show for over 10 years. His presence on the weekends makes the TRP soar.

When Khan was asked if he does not like the show, he said, “I like it. It gets stressful, but I learn a lot. And I get to know where the country is going, what is happening to values, morals, scruples and principles. We see it right there, with celebrities. The beauty is once they are out of the house, they are not like that at all. It’s not as if they are giving performances, the house makes them like that.”

As per a PTI report, Salman is upset with the behaviour of the show’s contestants. “It is true that Salman Khan is quitting, and Farah Khan will take over Bigg Boss. He was disappointed by the contestants’ behaviour. He has also announced this in the show. The last day of (his) shoot is not fixed yet. She (Farah) is expected to (take over) in January,” PTI quoted a source as saying. Farah has also hosted an extended part of the show last year.

An earlier report of MyNation too stated that this season (13) of Bigg Boss has seen so much of negativity and violence that Salman Khan might quit the show and will not return next season.

On the last weekend episode of 'Weekend Ka Vaar', Salman had said that he worries about his reputation by indulging in the violence and negative performance of the housemates, but now reports state that such matters are taking a toll on Dabangg's health. Also, his family does not want him to be connected with the show anymore because it is affecting his mental health.


A Deccan Chronicle report cited a source who stated, “Salman has recovered from a health issue called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which doesn’t allow him to get very angry as it disturbs his nerves. But every week, a participant seems to be getting on his nerves, which is not good for Salman’s health. Hence, this is certainly the last season of the show that he will be hosting. He has been wanting to quit for a few seasons now, but somehow the channel and the production house keep getting him back. But now, he has clearly been told by close ones as well that the show should not hurt him in any manner, as his family and friends are concerned about him.”

Last week the show saw Sidharth Shukla and Asim's fight, Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan's love drama, contestants suffering fractures and getting physically hurt while performing tasks and a lot more.

Rumours are doing the rounds that as Bigg Boss 13 has received a 5-week extension, Farah Khan will replace Salman Khan, but no official confirmation has been made by the organisers yet.