Mumbai: The controversial couple musician Anup Jalota and singer Jasleen Matharu have raised eyebrows with their age-gap love. However, the recent episode of Bigg Boss 12 and the ‘sansani khez khulasa’ task may have surprised many viewers. 

In the task secrets of housemates were shown on the television screen and the person guessing the maximum correct ones would be the winner.When the screen flashed ’Mera ek famous celebrity ke saath ek gehra rishta tha aur mere abhi ke partner bhi nahi jaante iss baare mein!' (I was in a year-long relationship with a famous celebrity and my current partner doesn’t know about it).

While many including Shivashish Mishra guessed it to be Jasleen, Anup said that it could not be her since he knew about her past affair with a celebrity. Turns out Jalota was wrong and the person in question was indeed Jasleen. 

Jalota confided that Jasleen's affair was known fact in their common circle and he slipped out the name 'Sukhi' before being hushed by a visibly red Jasleen. It is a known fact that musician Sukhwinder Singh is lovingly called 'Sukhi' and Singh-Matharu have featured many times on each other's social media profiles.