Anup Jalota shocked India when he announced his relationship with 28-year-old singer Jasleen Kaur. But this news that came into limelight will shock you more. One model named Aneesha Singh Sharma has accused the veteran singer of sexually exploiting her, and another TV actress has alleged that he asked for sexual favours from her too.

Bigg Boss 12, Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu

Aneesha has alleged that Jalota used her for sexual pleasure with the promise of getting her into Bigg Boss 12. The model also said that the singer had sex with her twice in the last few months, and had even promised to marry her.

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According to a web portal, Aneesha reportedly said "Jalota promised to get me into Bigg Boss 12 and told me that I would be his 'jodi' on the popular reality show. We even had sex twice in the last six months. I did not mind having sex with Jalota as he professed his love for me and said he wanted to settle down with me."

She further said that after Jalota started avoiding her calls since last one month, she thought he did not get the show, but she was shocked to know that he joined Bigg Boss 12 and introduced Jasleen Matharu as his girlfriend.


Bigg Boss 12 contestant Anup Jalota accused of sexually exploiting model and actress

"I felt nothing was happening and left for the USA in August. I feel so used and miserable," she added. The publication also stated that Aneesha has already filed a police complaint against Jalota accusing him of sexually exploiting her and cheating.

Anup Jalota

Aneesha also made a shocking statement during her interview with that Jasleen was pregnant last year, and following a big scuffle with Jalota, she underwent an abortion. She said that she was witness to their fight.

"They were yelling at each other. I have never seen them so mad at each other before. Jasleen claimed the pregnancy was due to Jalota's carelessness, which was refuted by the Bhajan King. I do not know what happened thereafter. He (Jalota) told me to leave as he was in a very bad mood and would meet me after 2-3 days. I, later on, learnt that she had an abortion," she said. 

Meanwhile, IndiaScoops also claimed that another popular TV actress alleged that the 65-year-old singer once asked her to have sex with him. "He was always hitting on me," she told the publication.

Anup Jalota and Jasleen

Jalota is currently inside Bigg Boss 12 house, and if the report is to be believed, police have already sent summons to the singer. The jodi (couple) had shocked everyone by admitting their relationship on the show. Both were brutally trolled on social media as well after the confirmation.

MyNation could not independently verify the allegations made by the model, Aneesha Singh Sharma.