Bhojpuri actress Ritu Singh was shooting for her upcoming Bhojpuri movie at Robertsganj. The actress along with the crew was residing in a hotel. She was held at gunpoint by a stalker on Saturday morning (May 25), threatened her to marry him after he broke into the hotel room.

According to media reports, he has been recognised as Pankaj Yadav (25) who belonged to Jaunpur. He broke into Ritu’s room, with a pistol in his hand and threatened her to marry him. Crew members from Mumbai had united for the Bhojpuri film and were staying in the hotel for the shooting of the film.

After hearing the actress screaming, a local youth, identified as Ashok reached the spot. Apparently when he was trying to rescue the actress, Yadav panicked and shot Ashok on his waist. Hearing the gunshot, the crew members and the hotel staff immediately rushed to Ritu’s room and called up the police. Ashok was immediately taken to the hospital.

SP Salmantaj Jafertaj along with the police team immediately reached the hotel to bring the situation under control.

SP Patil alone entered the room and tried to counsel Pankaj, but he was firm about his decision. After the SP succeeded in counselling Pankaj, the accused put his gun down on the bed sheet, the SP then tried to pull the gun towards him but it fell on the floor. The accused picked up the gun and fired at the SP, but nothing untoward happened.

Hearing the gunshot, other police officers entered the room. They nabbed the accused. This incident lasted for an hour and a half.

Reportedly Pankaj had been stalking Ritu for a long time. Ritu had also gone live on her Instagram account when the incident took place but failed to save the video. However, she has filed an FIR against the stalker.