The #MeToo movement hit the country big last year with many prominent personalities, artists ending up being called out for their alleged actions. From editors to directors to ministers to top executive of big companies, the movement swept through the entertainment industry too. However, the move also caused collateral damage.

The cast and crew of Better Life Foundation suffered a big blow when one of its members actor-comedian Utsav Chakraborty was accused by a writer for the show. The writer took to twitter to accuse Chakraborty of sending sexually explicit messages to her and several other women.

Following the accusation of sexual harassment against Utsav, the show Better Life Foundation was dropped.

However, fans of Better Life Foundation may have just sparked a resurgence of the show with their tweets to cast members and Hotstar demanded that show be brought back.

Upon seeing the amount of requests and demands of netizens, Hotstar also replied when fans tweeted with messages such as this, "Will subscribe to Hotstar as soon as you have it back on your platform or make BLF-2 public on YouTube. It's a shame cause I can't watch any of your other amazing originals like Hostages till then, but I'm willing to wait..BLF is worth the fight." (SIC)

Hotstar replied stating, “Hi! We will share a feedback with the team to get the content back on our platform. Stay Tuned.”

Cast member Naveen Richard also shared some tweets on his insta story where we can see the enthusiasm of his fans. He also thanked comedian Mallika Dua for standing up.

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With comedians and influencers showing their support, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.