Ayushmann Khurrana, who emerged as the biggest star of 2018 with the back-to-back box office success of "Andhadhun" and "Badhai Ho", attributes his success to choosing unconventional yet entertaining stories.

Khurrana says he has always believed that the script is the true star of a film.

"I am audience made star. But I believe the real star (of a film) is the script, it is the script that makes you a star. I want to give the audience something unconventional every time, something novel. As an actor it is a great space to be in, he told PTI in an interview.

"Doing unconventional thing is least risky now. Conventional has become more risky in this day and age. You have to do something different so that people buy movie tickets and come to cinema halls. The audience has changed," he added.

As the poster boy of middle-of-the-road cinema in India, next on Khurrana's wishlist is a film on LGBT subject.

"We have lot of battles to win. There is cultural shift. We can make a film now on it and it will hopefully be censor proof as it has been decriminalised by the Supreme Court now. It will be interesting to go into this space in a commercial way," he said.

The 34-year-old actor says after achieving stardom, one has to be consistent with their work and that is the real struggle.

"Initially there is the struggle to get work, then you want to get good work and establish yourself as an actor and a bankable star. And then, you need to maintain that. That consistency is the struggle.