Delhi, India There's little doubt that Delhi is home to a vast musical world having numerous singers, composers and local artists. The overall size of the Indian music industry is as much as 2000 crore and Delhi & punjab music industry comprises 25 per cent of which is huge, seeing the size and diversity of the Indian music industry.

English songs have a unique feel and beat to them, which makes people instantly fall in love with the music. There are many emerging talents in Delhi but very few can survive the competition and make it big in the music industry. Today we come across one such young and new talent Sandeep Bisht who is winning the hearts of music lovers not just in India but across the entire country. He also writes books and he is an author too. But his voice is really nice.

Born and brought up in Delhi, India. Sandeep Bisht passion for music and writing developed at a very early age. As he grew up, he got inspired by the success of other artists and dreamt of making it big in the music industry. He created songs like "Summer Remake", "Stay" and his latest 2022 "Catch" to get the blessings of the almighty for moving ahead on the success path. And his song "summer remake" was liked by the audience. Also as an author his books are now in demand in the international market.

As a musician, he has mastered all the aspects of creating a song that is both popular as well as retains the original folk music. Therefore, today he is a successful author & musician. With hard work, perseverance and good work ethics, within no time.

Now he also set up his brand Miranda for production. He has worked on multiple projects giving several hit and catchy party songs and music. Sandeep Bisht considers himself lucky to have been able to create a space for himself in the music industry. He basically believes that music is a learning process which comes straight from our hearts and touches the audience.

Apart from being a successful author & musician. Sandeep Bisht is a DJ too which gives him an added advantage in song creation, making the music better. As a DJ his last track is "Time Fraction". He has an excellent idea of composing music too; Therefore, he is known as an all-rounder in the music fraternity.

Spinning some catchy party songs, with a distinct rawness, Sandeep Bisht brand of soulful music easily melts into the hearts and minds of music lovers, making him quite a successful musician at a young age.

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