Kochi-based model-turned-actress Archana Ravi is the first Malayali to have won the first runner-up in the Miss Super Globe World. She has also debuted in Tamil movie Aatu and wants to work in various languages.

Archana Ravi made history again and emerged the 1st Runner up for Miss Super Globe World. She was Miss Super Globe India 2018. She also won a subtitle of 'Miss Best introduction'. The event was conducted at Sofitel resort, Dubai, which was organised by renowned pageant organiser and choreographer Arun Ratna. 


Archana became the 2nd Malayalee to represent India and win it. She is the youngest girl from south India to have won the maximum number of pageants.

The 22-year-old actress is a trained classical dancer and a public speaker too. In a candid interview, with MyNation she talks about her journey from the small town of Kerala, Changanassery, to becoming the first Malayali girl to represent India internationally after Parvathy Omanakuttan, who has crowned Miss India 2008 and later became first runner-up at Miss World 2008. 


Q)How does it feel being the youngest girl from south India to win the maximum number of pageants?
A) I feel absolutely blessed being the youngest girl. Participating in beauty pageants has become a real addiction for me that no matter how many times I win or lose, I still want to do more and more and grab many more crowns. It gives me so much of self-confidence and contentment when I perform my best on stage and above all, it makes me so happy. 

Q) Do you have dreams to go big in films? If yes, where will you start your career, Mollywood or Bollywood?
A) I always wanted to be an actress. I wanted to do movies in all languages, and this wouldn’t be a barrier for me if I receive excellent and exciting scripts. So, I would start with any language that offers me my dream roles.

Q) What do you have to say about the #MeToo movement in India?
A) #Metoo has given the opportunity to women across the country to voice their silence on sexual harassment that they had to undergo somewhere in their lives. I feel so proud to be living in a society where women are being more open and are not at all afraid or ashamed to speak about the incidents or truths thus enabling men to rethink the consequences they have to face in future. 

Q) Have you ever faced such uncomfortable situations in the fashion and/or cinema industry?
A) I have to admit, I have faced such bitter experiences, but I believe as a woman I am upholding my dignity and respect to the highest level and wouldn’t ever want to compromise on my personality for fame or career. I am very confident with the fact that 'I' can be where I want to be with hard work and determination and I don't believe in taking shortcuts. 

Q) You are a literature graduate, what made you enter the glam world? 
A)  I have always been active in media since my school days. Being a literature student has only made me focus more on what I want to achieve as I learnt to see life from a wide perspective. 

Q) Does your family support you in this endeavour?
A) Absolutely. I’m so proud to say I have the most supportive family in the world. They have always been with me through my thick and thin and have always believed in me. No matter how many times I fell down or lost, they have always had my back and made sure they motivated me more to reach my goals. All that I am, I owe it to them. 

Q) You are the first Malayalee girl to represent India internationally after Parvathy Omanakuttan. Why do girls from Kerala hesitate to join the fashion world?
A)  I wouldn’t say girls are hesitant, but they do not have access to the right information or knowledge about beauty pageants. This has to be changed here in Kerala. More girls from my state should come forward confidently just like the rest of India and give their best shot and prove their talent. And I’m sure Malayalee girls can make Kerala one of the most robust states in India with the best talents. 


Q) What makes you positively pursue your modelling dreams? Who is your icon?
A) I am a firm believer of my talent and I'm entirely aware of what I am capable of. My confidence is my armour, and I wear it with pride, and it is that spirit that always keeps me moving forward. My icon has always been Priyanka Chopra; she is a self-made actress, who has paved her way through her sheer conviction, commitment and hard work. 

Q) With #MeToo campaign that is going strong, what is your message to young girls who want to enter this field?
A) Shortcuts are never going to benefit you in the long run. It is always best to build a career with hardships and struggles. And one day, when you reach where you want to be and when you look back through your journey, you will be very proud of yourself, and many people will look up to you. I believe in slow and steady always winning the race.