New Delhi: In a shocking move, private and NSFW images of actor Kamal Haasan's youngest daughter, Akshara, have been hacked and leaked online. 

The authenticity of these images has not been established yet and neither has Akshara released a statement yet. In the images that have now gone viral, the actor can be seen taking mirror selfies in her lingerie. She was last seen Shamitabh starring opposite Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan.


However, Akshara is not the only victim of such a cybercrime. A few months ago, actor Amy Jackson also had her private images leaked online. Speaking to Midday, she had said, "I was shocked when this happened. This isn't a trivial matter and has to be taken up seriously. I will register a complaint with the cyber crime cell in London and ensure the hackers are taken to task. Cyber safety is the need of the hour."