Mumbai: Sunny Leone has grown multi-folds from being Karenjith Kaur to adult movie star to Sunny Leone the lead actress today. But a recent tweet by Sunny apologising to Karenjith Kaur has a story to tell.

Sunny was born Karenjith Kaur in a Punjabi family. Sunny broke into tears after watching the documentary film 'Karanjit Kaur- The Untold story of Sunny Leone'. Sunny herself played the protagonist, which is the real-life story of Sunny. The film showcases how she changed from Karenjith to Sunny and her transition as an adult movie star in Canada.

After watching the movie Sunny tweeted " My heart broke a thousand times tonight...probably cried a thousand tears tonight wanting, longing, missing, regretting, and wishing I could have you close to me once more. That day will never come, but in my heart, you will always remain! #karenjitkaur guilty of doing it my way!!!"

Is Sunny really sorry for the transition in her life? Does she miss being Karenjith?