Actor Mahesh Anand was found dead in his Mumbai residence. The actor, who had been alone in his house at the time of death, has been married five times and also has a son. Yet, none was around him when he breathed his last.

Anand has a black belt in Karate and he would often take part in competitions worldwide. The actor was one of India’s top models before entering Bollywood as a dancer. When everything seemed to be working in his favour for this Bollywood actor, his marriages didn’t seem to do so.

Reports suggest that Mahesh Anand first married actor Rina Roy’s sister Barkha Roy, but this marriage didn’t last too long.

Anand went on to marry then Miss India International, Erica Maria D’souza in the year 1987. The couple welcomed a baby boy named Trishul Anand, who could now be around 30 years old. Trishul’s name has now allegedly been changed to Anthony Vohra. The couple soon separated.

Mahesh Anand married actor Madhu Malhotra in the year 1992, but this marriage too didn’t last very long.

For the fourth time, Mahesh Anand stepped into marriage with Usha Bachani in the year 2000, but the couple ended it in just two years. Usha came out with rape allegations against Anand along with alcohol addiction and sought divorce.

In the year 2015, Mahesh Anand had shared a picture on Facebook with a woman of Russian origin. The caption on it suggested that the woman was his wife.

In an interview, Mahesh Anand yearned for his son and stated that he lives in the memory of his long-lost son, who may not even recognise him.

The death of Mahesh Anand has come as a shock in the industry. The body of the 90s villain of Bollywood was found in a decomposed state in his Mumbai residence. Police have not ruled out suicide as the cause of death as the actor is believed to have had financial difficulties.