Mumbai: With his comeback film Manmarziyaan receiving immense love from the audience, Abhishek Bachchan seems to be on a happy high. Not just the success of Manmarziyaan but also his kitty is full of projects at the moment. However, the actor, who returned to the big screen after a hiatus of two years, isn’t ready to say that the time is good for him.

Abhishek told My Nation, “There is nothing called time is good. You only will have to create your good time, everything depends on your attitude and energy.” The actor explained, “In our industry, if people develop a perception about someone that he or she is laidback, satisfied with whatever little work he or she is doing, then they do not show much interest in him or her. However, if the same people understand that you are hungry for work, there is a fire inside you, then they will come running to you with work. So, how much work an actor will do, depends completely upon him or her.”

Bachchan was last seen in the 2016 film Housefull 3. Why did he choose to make his comeback with Anurag Kashyap’s movie? Junior Bachchan said, “There are several reasons why I chose to do the film. I loved the script and my character in it. But above everything, it is directed by Anurag (Kashyap) and produced by Aanand Rai (Aanand L Rai). I believe this jodi is capable of creating wonders!” The 42-year-old actor also revealed why he was away from films for the past couple of years, saying, “Actually, I had stopped signing films after Housefull. I was taking some time to analyse my work. I took a break and now I am back.”

Abhishek comes from a family where both his parents Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan are actors. He is married to actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. In a home where four actors reside, a work-related discussion is bound to happen, isn’t it? Abhishek smiled, “We are a very normal middle-class family and have normal discussions at home. Earlier, we made sure to never discuss work at home but now, we have all kind of discussions and yes, sometimes also about work.” He added, “If there are four actors in a family, sometime or the other work-related discussion will definitely happen. Apart from this, there is no difference between us and any other middle-class family.” Does that mean, he doesn’t turn up to his parents for work-related suggestions? “Not after so many years,” said the actor. He further said, “Every person should learn to take decisions in life. I believe an actor is his best critic. Only he can say whether he has given his hundred per cent to a project and whether his performance was good enough or not. Hearing this from someone else means listening to something that you already know. I believe it is extremely important to listen to yourself first. Then listen to others.”

Wives in ‘normal middle-class families’ often cook food for their kids and husbands. Does Aishwarya enter the kitchen sometimes? “Aishwarya doesn’t cook” replies Abhishek, adding, “But I am a foodie and I love ghar ka khana.” The actor, whose mother Jaya Bachchan is Bengali, revealed that he loves Bengali cuisine, especially fish and his nani sometimes prepares Bengali delicacies for him.

Star kids are often the centre of attraction these days and are snapped by the paparazzi whenever they step out. Abhishek seems to be a protective father and he doesn’t like his daughter Aradhya being clicked every now and then. He said, “I don’t like this. A child should be allowed to grow up as normally as possible. They don’t even understand why are they being clicked. It was Aishwarya and my decision that we want to be actors, but Aaradhya has not even reached an age when she can make decisions for herself. So, let her grow up normally.”

Abhishek says his mantra in life is to stay positive and always hope for the best. The ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ actor said, “It is very important to be positive and optimistic in life because that will help you accept even the worst things happening to you. You will learn to accept it, leave it behind and move on in life. I always think this way and tell myself that better things are going to happen.” Is a ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ sequel with Rani Mukerji on the cards? “No, we haven’t discussed any such project, even though I have read reports of the film happening but that’s not yet true.” He added, “People also ask me about Dhoom 4 but I haven’t been approached for the film and also I don’t know if the project has been finalised.”

Abhishek is known for giving trolls a piece of his mind on social media. What does he feel about it? The actor said, “I don’t think about it a lot. If I feel like reacting to somebody’s comment, only then I reply. Also, I feel we take ourselves way too seriously. Every person should learn to laugh at himself. If you are presenting yourself on an open forum, then you should be ready to take positive as well as negative reaction from people.” Does that mean gossip or rumours about him don’t affect him? The actor said, “No, they don’t, because I already know what the truth is. Also, my dear ones know me very well, so they will never misunderstand me on the basis of baseless reports or rumours.”

On the work front, Abhishek and Aishwarya are all set to reunite on-screen with ‘Gulab Jamun’, which is yet to go on floors.