We know that Imran Khan has taken a sabbatical from acting for more than a year to write the script for his debut directorial. There have been reports that his uncle Aamir Khan may even produce it. Imran has bounced off the script to his uncles Aamir, Mansoor, wife Avantika and his family. He has been writing it with his close friend and writer-hairstylist Ayesha Devitre (Kapoor and Sons) and apparently the final draft of the movie is now almost complete. 

The film (the actor has kept the title a closely-guarded secret) is said to be a coming of age relationship drama. Now the buzz is that Aamir will not only produce the film but also launch Mansoor’s daughter Zayn Marie in it, who is currently in Mumbai acting in theatrical productions.

“There’s a strong possibility that Aamir will produce the film as he has liked the script and he may launch Mansoor’s daughter Zayn Marie in it. In May this year the entire Khan family (including Aamir and Imran) had met to celebrate Mansoor’s 60th birthday in Coonoor (where Mansoor stays). Apparently, it was there that Imran’s script and casting was discussed. While Zayn Marie, who wants to become an actress, has earlier expressed to media that she would like to make it on her own, she has loved Imran’s script. So yes, currently discussions are on between Aamir, Imran and Mansoor about her launch. If and when finalised, the Khan family, with Aamir’s excellent marketing strategies and inputs, would naturally like to announce it in the grandest way possible. Mansoor had directed Aamir’s debut film, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) 30 years ago, so the wheel would come full circle if Aamir did the same with his daughter! QSQT was written and produced by Mansoor's father Nasir Hussain.”

Zayn Marie came to Mumbai from Coonoor four years ago. Since then she has assisted on Karan Johar's Kapoor & Sons, studied literature, directed a play in college, done Adishakti theatre workshops and currently is honing her acting skills in Mumbai. She is acting in three theatre productions — Stand Up, Dekh Behen and Three Women. On her father Mansoor’s 60th birthday, her aunt Nuzhat picked out particular events from his childhood as a play and the family presented it to him.” 

The trade source adds that Imran won't act in the film as he wants to focus on being a director. “Direction was something that Imran has always loved. For him films just happened by chance. Only his close friends know that he has often directed films on his handy-cam. Where his script is concerned, the actor has always maintained that the casting depends on the screenplay and when that’s finalised he will approach actors – depending on the characters and not their stardom."  

Imran Khan remained unavailable for comment.