Nameeta Prakash, who has worked as an assistant director, has spoken on Twitter about Sham Kaushal’s misconduct during an outdoor shoot. 

Nameeta Prakash, the assistant director of films like Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Ab Tak Chappan, and Monorama Six Feet Under, said that Sham Kaushal, a renowned action director, had asked her to join him for a glass of vodka in his room during an outdoor shoot in 2006. She stated that Sham offering her the same was dubious that she refused the offer and even had to lie that she doesn’t drink at all. 

Sources state that Sham tried to persuade her by saying that she has no idea about what she is missing out on and then swiftly, out of nowhere, he started showing her a porn MMS video clip on his phone. Nameeta said that she pretended someone messaged her on her pager and walked away. 

She immediately informed her line producer, who ensured that she wouldn’t be left alone with the stunt team for the rest of the shoot. She also said that at the wrap-up party, the executive producer apologised for the same, but it was too late as she had already become the laughing stock among the other crew members, who found out about it.  

In response to the whole #MeToo movement and Nameeta’s allegation, Sham Kaushal, on his Twitter, issued a humble apology to everyone claiming that he unintentionally may have hurt her. “Ever since I have been working in this industry, I have tried my best to be a good human being, professionally and personally, never wishing to hurt or disrespect anyone," he said, "I have read the allegations made against me by some crew members. If I have unintentionally caused any hurt or anguish, I unconditionally apologise to the ladies, to the production houses and to each and every member of the film fraternity."  

Nameeta stressed on the fact that what she has been through is nothing compared to other #MeToo stories that are out, but she believes that everyone guilty of sexual misconduct must be named and shamed. 

Vicky Kaushal, son of Sham Kaushal, while talking about the #MeToo movement, said that it is an important cultural shift and that it is necessary to believe women and pay attention to their stories.