Bhopal: Senior Congress leader and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has dropped a bomb by predicting that the Congress won't get a majority in the ongoing general election. 

By predicting a hung Parliament, the seasoned politician has left the Grand Old Party red-faced. He added insult to injury by saying that the Congress will need a post-poll alliance to form the government at the Centre.

The Congress veteran did, however, also predict that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will not be able to get the majority, his self-goal has attracted all the attention.

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"Of course, we are going to do very, very well, but I do not see us reaching a majority and there will have to be a post-poll alliance and this post-poll alliance will throw up different types of combinations," Nath told news agency PTI.

When asked to project the average number of seats his party could win in the ongoing polls, the Chhindwara neta was frank. "If there is an alliance, the alliance will take decisions. There are today two types (of alliance) — one is anti-BJP and one is pro-BJP." 

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When asked about the probability of Rahul Gandhi becoming the next Prime Minister, the Madhya Pradesh chief minister didn't sound very confident either. Though he reiterated that the Congress president is the prime ministerial candidate of the party, but on the question of Rahul becoming the Prime Minister, Nath said, "If we have the numbers."

In a high stake battle in which the Congress hopes to make a comeback and Rahul has been aggressively attacking the Modi government, such a statement is sure to dent the morale of the Congress cadre.  

With PTI inputs