New Delhi: Ayega to Modi hi (Only Modi will come) has been the slogan of all Narendra Modi fans commonly addressed as 'bhakts' by the Congress. Memes swept the internet as creativity overflowed. But even in your wildest dream, you may not have dreamt that the official Congress Twitter handle would endorse PM Modi over their prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. But that's precisely what has happened on Sunday (May 19) as the Lok Sabha election 2019 drew to a close. 

Sonakshi Patel, a random Twitter user, asked a question on the microblogging platform on who will be forming the government? Sonakshi asked those who believe Modi to 'like' her tweet and those who think its RaGa to 'retweet' it, a common practice on Twitter. 433 people 'liked' the tweet, and one of them is the official handle of the Indian National Congress (INC). This essentially means, the official Congress Twitter handle has put its money on Modi over Gandhi.

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It took a while for her to believe her eyes but once verified that it's indeed the Congress's official handle, she tweeted, "What happens when Congress surrenders in front of Modi. I took a poll, and @INCIndia liked the post in support of @narendramodi."

It could well be a mistake and a genuine one by the person operating the official Congress handle, but Modi fans seem to have a field day at the expense of the error.