Manchester: When India and New Zealand had to play in the group stage of the ICC World Cup 2019, rain played spoilsport on June 13 and the teams had to share points in Nottingham. Now, inclement weather threatens to ruin the semi-final between the sides on Tuesday (July 9) at Old Trafford, Manchester.

In case of a wash out or the semi-finals interrupted by rain, what happens? Read on to find out the playing conditions set out by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The same will apply for the second semi-final between Australia and England in Birmingham on July 11. There are reserve days for the semi-finals and final (July 14).

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• If a Semi-Final is tied, the teams shall compete in a Super Over to determine which team progresses to the Final. Refer attached Appendix H.

• If following a tie, weather conditions prevent the Super Over from being completed, or if the match is abandoned or a no result at the end of the reserve day, then the team which proceeds to the Final will be the team that finished in the higher position in the League Stage. In this case India (1) will progress to the final while Australia (2) also enter the final as they finished higher than England (3). New Zealand were fourth in the standings after the group stage.

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Procedure for the Super Over

The following procedure will apply should the provision for a Super Over be adopted in the semi-finals or final.

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1 Subject to weather conditions the Super Over will take place on the scheduled day of the match (or reserve day if it is utilised for the semi-finals or final) at a time to be determined by the ICC Match Referee. In normal circumstances it shall commence 10 minutes after the conclusion of the match.

10 Each team shall be allowed to have one player review during the Super Over.

Reserve Days

13.6.3 The Semi-Finals and Final shall have a reserve day allocated on which an incomplete match shall be continued from the scheduled day. No other matches shall have a reserve day allocated.

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13.6.4 If the reserve day is allocated, every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reduction in overs taking place and only if the minimum number of overs necessary to constitute a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day will the match be completed on the reserve day.

13.6.5 If the match has started on the scheduled day and overs are subsequently reduced following an interruption, but no further play is possible, the match will resume on the reserve day at the point where the last ball was played. Refer Appendix F.

13.6.6 If a Super Over is required and the weather prevents it from being played on the scheduled day, it will take place on the reserve day.

Refer Appendix F.




The hours of play on the Reserve Day shall be the same as on the scheduled day for the match (including the extra time provision).

If play is interrupted on the scheduled day, the umpires shall use the available extra time and, if necessary, reduce the number of overs to try to achieve a result on that day.

Each team must have had the opportunity to bat for a minimum of 20 overs for a result to be achieved. If play has not resumed by the cut-off time required to allow the minimum number of overs to be bowled to achieve a result on the scheduled day, play shall be abandoned for the day and the Reserve Day shall be used to complete the match.

On the Reserve Day, play shall recommence under the same assumption that the last ball was bowled on the scheduled day.

The match starts when the coin toss takes place and teams are exchanged. If the toss occurs on the scheduled day and there is no play thereafter, the result of the toss and the named teams shall be carried through to the Reserve Day.

In making their decisions in relation to ground, weather and light, the umpires shall aim to maximise play on the scheduled day of the match in order to achieve a result on that day, as if there was no Reserve Day available.