In a T20 World Cup showdown held on June 6 in Dallas, Pakistan suffered a disappointing loss against the USA. Despite their setback, Babar Azam’s team showcased resilience by limiting India’s potent batting lineup to a mere 119 runs at the Nassau County Cricket Stadium in New York. 

However, India successfully defended their low score, clinching victory by a narrow margin of 6 runs, with Jasprit Bumrah emerging as the standout performer.

Beyond the stadium frenzy, the Delhi Police (DP) added to the excitement with their trademark wit on social media. In a clever tweet directed at the New York Police Department (NYPD), Delhi Police humorously referenced the match outcome and Pakistan's performance. The tweet humorously speculated about the sound of "Indiaaa…India" chants and the potential noise from shattered televisions, soliciting a humorous response from netizens.

This humorous exchange wasn’t an isolated incident for Delhi Police. Before the India-Pakistan clash, they extended best wishes to Rohit Sharma’s team and hinted at an exciting contest at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

The enduring rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket, renowned for its fervor, attracted a global audience once again. While Pakistan earned praise for restricting India to a modest total, criticism ensued as they could only muster 113 runs in their allotted 20 overs. The match showcased the intense competition and fervent support from fans worldwide.