Rohan N. Murty is the son of billionaire businessman and co-founder of Infosys, N.R. Narayana Murthy, and Rajya Sabha nominated member Sudha Murty. People always assumed that he would take the position at his father's company and handle the business. However, Rohan took a different route and worked towards carving his own path to create a name for himself. 

N. R. Narayana Murthy co-founded Infosys with seven other founders in 1981. Since then, the info-tech company has reached different heights of success all across the globe, making Murthy a billionaire amassing a net worth of over Rs. 440 crores.  

Sudha Murty is the first female engineer hired by TATA, breaking gender stereotypes and boundaries. She is an educator, author, and philanthropist. She was also nominated as a Parliament Member in March 2024 due to her contributions to society. 

Rohan Murty's education 

With such renowned parents, Rohan had pretty big shoes to fill in. He started his journey by attaining a Bachelor of Science degree and learning computer science at Cornell University.  He later got into Harvard, where he pursued a PhD in computer engineering, specialising in opportunistic wireless networks. 

Starting his own software company

In 2014, Rohan Murty decided to initiate the first step towards his entrepreneurial goal by leaving the position of Vice President at Infosys. He founded his own software company Soroco with computer scientists Arjun Narayan and George Nychis. The company focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into technology and lives that it is the future. 

Company growth 

As per Forbes, the company is experiencing an increase in revenue and currently plans to enter the $15 billion market as soon as possible. Although the company has never disclosed its numbers, according to NEAT, its revenue is estimated to be around $18 million in 2022. 

Rohan Murthy's net worth 

His successful business endeavours hint at an impressive net worth, however, there is not much information available about it. Murty holds the ownership of 1.67% of Infosys shares and also received an income of over Rs. 106 crores from the company. Rohan's son Ekagrah Murty received Infosys shares worth Rs. 240 crores from his grandfather, Narayana Murthy last month. 

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