Entrepreneurs who are generational multi-talents come once in a lifetime. They are one of the few treasured personalities who make a difference in this world. Doing a business is synonymous with success and determination. No matter what century, anyone who decides to ease other people’s problems and really make things happen, is the man of the hour aka an Entrepreneur. And in this technically inclined world, technocrats have started to resume their places in the top spots. And Shagun Singh is one such tech-savvy entrepreneur, who has completed not one but three Indian NFT (Non-fungible Projects) projects on his own while also trying his expertise in other territories.

“Web 3 is another upcoming dimension of the internet. It is filled with opportunities above and beyond. There’s no stopping it now. Just like it, the adverse space that is the World wide web, there is something huge coming soon and it is all tied to Web 3 and its adventures,” said the young entrepreneur. He is an experienced tech entrepreneur who has more than 8 years of expertise in the field of crypto and virtual finance. It is not untrue to suggest that he has worked really hard to become one of the best entrepreneurs in India right now. He has currently collected a total of INR 30 crores in his business ventures after the release of the three most significant Web 3.0 projects in India.

Web 3.0 adventures 

Shagun Singh has created a whirr in this domain of virtual investing with his projects like Ridiculous Dragons, NoMaiMai, RiDiDa, and NoMaiMai Game (soon to be launched), which have all been his best works. The mantra “Never start a business to make money, start a business to make a difference,” has been Shagun’s catchphrase. This can be one of the reasons behind his young success– he focuses on the good part. “Doing business is never easy, you get to face a lot of challenges but you should always focus on the good part– the positive part,” he said in a statement.

Food outlets

You cannot look for success in just one place, you need to give your talent a second chance,” the entrepreneur believes. Shagun Singh owns several food and beverage lines such as Simple Burger, Mister Kiyoshi, Biryani Ghar, Sushma’s, and NoMaiMai Ice Cream. All these outlets have premium quality food that not only tastes good but is also handled with care. He has gained a lot of experience in marketing and business by working in this domain for years.

Marketing domain

Shagun has been an all-rounder and his experience says it all. Not only does he maintains his endeavors in digital ventures, NFTs, and crypto, but also marketing & manufacturing, and Real Estate. He has three more projects under construction - NoMaiMai Water, NoMaiMai Energy Drink, and NoMaiMai Snacks. The innovator is also coming up with his own Fashion & Lifestyle brand - Ridiculusum (luxury streetwear label & luxury apparel marketplace). After proving himself as the creative player in the Indian marketplace, Shagun Singh is among the few thought leaders in the industry who have also taken up Real Estate projects and aced them.

Shagun also has expertise in Real Estate projects named NoMaiMai co-living space and retail projects such as Simple Bazaar (24x7 premium convenience store) and Simple Bazaar App (hyperlocal delivery app). The entrepreneur is a workaholic boss who presents enabled workforce in multiple streams, owns his businesses and leads several labels. He has done an amazing job in the business empire and digital invention sector and is leading one of the most futuristic realms of today.