Vatsal Agarwal is a young and dynamic Promoter & Director of Simplex Coke & Refractory. He has studied patterns of success and the impact of new technologies on business world and applied the same to his life and work. 

At the age where most of the boy's attitude towards life is erratic and unplanned, Vatsal on the flip side was more determined and focused. When kids of his age were busy playing video games, he organized his thoughts and mindset, which in itself talks in volumes about his perspective towards life. Not all kids have the passion for doing different things when others listen to their elders some have the courage to think beyond the usual and show the world their potential to rise.

His formative years of childhood have been dotted with curiosity. He grew up reading the international section of newspapers, being introduced to people from different cultures. He would be a keen listener to conversations around the dinner table that were enough to develop commercial awareness and start thinking about what work involves and why businesses exist.

His, curiosity as a child was celebrated, and they were allowed the chance to develop attention spans long enough to access deep learning. The opportunities for independence started small, enabling him to make his own decisions. Like many famous entrepreneurs before and after him, Vatsal was a man of a thousand hats, Eventually, he grew to work on his interest and strategy by which today, he is a keynote speaker at many major industries events. His thoughts and views are a great resource for advice on business innovation, leadership, and management.

Vatsal, who is only 26 years old, promoted Simplex Coke and he has recently taken over a BSE listed company, Stratmont Industries Limited. Currently, it is the 4th largest merchant manufacturer and trader of met coke in India with a turnover of around 100crores. Along with this it also has a piling division which has risen to become India’s largest piling rig rental company, it recently acquired many brand new piling rigs and is executing several metro and infrastructure projects as India has a huge infrastructure budget of Rs.111 Lakh crores.

Vatsal is regarded as one of the enthusiastic young entrepreneurs of India, who has a vision of making India free of its dependence on China for met coke. Now, Vatsal is a well-established entrepreneur and great leader, he has launched multiple successful concepts that are going to change working pattern of manufacturing industry.

He has come up with a brilliant new concept, Commodity whereby a 100% solution is provided to any manufacturing enterprise where both ends that is inwards/raw materials and outwards/finished products both being commodities are financed by Commodity Bank. It is a bankable proposition as at any given point of time there shall be a commodity under control. 

Vatsal Agarwaal also has an ideology of a marketplace named ‘’ where It will integrate real-time stock positions of various traders at different ports present, directly on the portal screen, such that buyers and sellers can match their price expectations as per market conditions.

He is one of the entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2020.