Each of his businesses is a vision in Jet Black color, exuding his love for the color and his vision to imprint a unique success story for him in the business space across India.
So much has already been spoken about a few individuals and their hunger to reach the highest highs in their chosen sectors. Still, many more discussions are needed around these youngsters, who began everything from scratch and walked their way to the top. Also, it feels essential to let the world know their genius.
Fitting perfectly in this category, as a one-of-a-kind young talent in the entrepreneurial world, is Manzil Pathan, who believed in his dreams, worked committedly towards his visions and left no stone unturned in getting closer to fulfilling his aspirations in life.
Manzil Pathan has been creating a positive rage in entrepreneurship for all the right reasons. He has dived deep into the niches he found himself most inclined to, like cars and fashion. Today, his businesses are an extension of his passion and the color Black.
This led him on an entrepreneurial journey, where he started everything from the ground up and had a strong self-belief that he could achieve anything and everything he would aim for. Thanks to his confidence and grit, today, he is the founder of multiple businesses, including an all-black café named Café Blackyard, an all-black fashion house called Blackyard Fashion Studio and an all-black automotive industry named Blackyard Automotive, for his love for cars.
Manzil Pathan is a “Top Black” personality who has come a long way in the vast and ever-evolving entrepreneurial world as a hotelier, investor, car and fashion lover and importer of branded clothes.
One of the most amazing qualities of this young businessman is how he has stayed humble and grateful throughout his journey so far. He (@manzil_pathan) aims to inspire and motivate many other up-and-comers across business sectors and instil in them more hope and positivity with his successes so that they too can walk towards their definition of success.

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