Mumbai: While all of us are waiting for the Lok Sabha 2019 election results, various political memes have surfaced, and one among them which featured Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan along with Vivek himself was shared by the actor which earned him a backlash from various people from the industry as well as outside the industry. Sonam Kapoor was also one of the actors who hit out at Vivek. The actress took to twitter and responded to the meme by saying, ‘Disgusting and Classless.”

Later, Vivek also replied to Sonam’s tweet. Vivek told Sushant Mehta from India Today, “It is not derogatory to talk about past affairs, I apologised to #SalmanKhan I don’t have a problem with that but I won’t apologise to for this @SonamKapoor should stop overacting in films and stop overacting on twitter.”

The actor in an interview with ANI, mocked Sonam saying some people do it too cool on twitter. He revealed having read Sonam’s reaction to his tweet and then ask the actress what she has done for empowering women. He then went on listing all the things he has done for empowering women in the society for past 10 years. The actor said that he has been working on women empowerment for the past 10 years when Sonam was working on her makeover. He then gave her a piece of advice saying “Aap filmon mein thoda kam overact kare aur social media pe kam over react kare.” (to stop overacting in films and to stop overreacting on social media). Have a look at the video.

Interestingly Vivek is all set to play the role of PM Modi’s character in his biopic which is all set to release on May 24.