Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding has been the talk of the town lately. With the initial silence from the families of the bride and groom to Sonakshi's brother Luv Sinha not attending the wedding, the gossip is flying high. However, Luv Sinha has finally broken his silence over the topic and made a post on his X (formerly Twitter) explaining why he was not at the ceremony. 

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Several fans were also shocked to see Luv Sinha not taking part in the ceremony or any rituals. Quoyting a part from an article from Telegraph India, Luv posted, “With carefully curated news stories about his family business, nobody tread grey areas like the groom’s father’s proximity to a politician whose ED enquiries had vanished in the “washing machine”. Nor was there a whiff of the groom’s father’s stint in Dubai….”

He added, "The reasons are very clear as to why I didn’t attend, and would not associate with some people no matter what. I’m glad a member of the media did their research instead of relying on creative stories being put out by a PR team."



The people on the internet also reacted to the post in shock and displease. "Stint in Dubai as in? Stint could be anything - any close association with any gang people or any business in Dubai? State out clearly…", one user wrote. 

Another wrote, "since you openly spoke about it, the same Dubai links and other murkier links may try to harm you..stay safe..feel sorry for your father…"

Additionally, the Sinha family is again trending due to Shatrughan Sinha's health issues. He was hospitalized due to a high fever, which got his fans worried. 

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