Mumbai: A video of star veteran actor  Rishi Kapoor asking media  to stop shouting during Diwali celebrations is going viral.

In the video, Rishi Kapoor is heard saying 'Shor mat machao. Hum logon ko bhi apni izzat rakhni hai. Logon ko nahin bolna chahiye ki filmwale itna dhamaal karte hain. Photo lo, jo karna hai karo. Par shor mat machao. Aapko har dafa dekhta rehta hun, idhar dekho, udhar dekho. Please don't do this."

Do not shout. Even we have to think about our respect. I don't want to hear people telling that those from the movie field are creating nuisance. If you want to take photos do it. But as I have always seen, you keep shouting asking us to look this side and that side. Please don't do this," said Rishi Kapoor.

Being the senior member, I am asking you not to make noise.

But soon, there was a smile on his face and the actor said, Ye dost hain. Inke bagair hum nahin jee sakte, hamare bagair ye nahin jee sakte."  (they are our friends. We cannot live without them, and they cannot live without us.)

To this, the media also responded positively and said, kya baat hai, aag laga di aapne, meaning to say that he stole the show.