Veteran actor Farida Jalal is currently being loved by the fans for her role as Taha Shah's grandmother in Heeramandi. She is known for several iconic characters; however, in an interview with India Today, she talked about getting mom roles offered to her from a very young age. 

In a candid interview, Jalal revealed that she only received mom roles after her comeback to acting with Heena, where she played the role of Rishi Kapoor's mother. In Laadla, she played Anil Kapoor's mother, and Anil was not comfortable with that. 

She said, "When I was doing Laadla, Anil would stop the shot in between… he is such a sweetheart, he would say ‘mother wali feeling hi nahi aa rahi hai yaar (I cannot feel her as a mother). He would cut the shot saying it was all going wrong, there was this song ‘Teri Ungli Pakad Kar Chala’, and he would ask to cut the shot and say, she is too young.” 

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She was asked why she chose to play Rishi Kapoor's mother in Heena, she said, “It was offered to me. Henna, which was my comeback film after eight years, had Rishi Kapoor. I was opposite him in Bobby. I might have been older than him by two or five years, but I played his mother in Henna. We would be laughing about this on sets.”

"One thing Raza Murad told me on the sets of Henna was, ‘Faridaji, you are coming back after 8-9 years. So, don’t think now you will get any sister roles to do. Think of it as now you are going to be put into the mother or bhabhi kind of roles.’ I said, ‘of course,’ I just wanted to act. I am not disappointed at all," she added. 

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