The scholarship which was announced on the name of the superstar in 2019 was given to Gopika Kottantharayil Bhasi who is currently working on agricultural practices. "I am a big believer of education and I truly believe that the way forward for any country, any family, any city, any state is by educating itself more and more. There is never an end to education," Khan said after awarding Bhasi with the scholarship.

"Education of women and empowerment of women to look after themselves and I believe that women are more conscientious then us men and If you are able to empower them with education, the world goes further forward," he added.

The event was oraganised by the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne as a prelude event to its eleventh edition which will take place in August this year.

The much-acclaimed film festival celebrated its 10 year anniversary last year with Shah Rukh Khan as the chief guest of the event.