Mumbai: Salman Khan wants Katrina Kaif to win the National Award for her performance in their upcoming movie Bharat. In fact, the superstar is pretty sure that his ‘Bharat’ superstar will bag the most coveted award due to her hard work in the film.

At the launch event of Bharat’s song ‘Zinda’ yesterday, Katrina was asked about her character in the movie, to which she answered, “I really count this among one of my best characters I have gotten a chance to play so far. My character is a support for Bharat’s character throughout the film. So, her journey also continues along with him in the film. I won’t go into too much detail now because there should be some surprises saved for the film. There is a huge amount of work gone into every era and year the film touches, to get that look right, to get the essence of the time right. We left no stone unturned to make every character as believable as possible.”


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Immediately after Katrina finished speaking, Salman commented, “In one word, she basically is trying to say that she should get the National Award for this film. Seriously, dekh lena aap (mark my words). She is so good in the film and has worked so hard for it that she will definitely get the National Award.”

Looks like Sallu is super impressed with Kat’s performance even before the release of the film! Also, it appeared from Salman’s behaviour that he is extremely happy to have Katrina Kaif in the movie instead of Priyanka Chopra, who was the initial choice for her role. Since Priyanka had to leave the film halfway, Katrina came on board. When asked about the same, Katrina responded, “I was aware that Priyanka is doing the film, but one day, Ali called me and told me that things did not work out according to plan and that he is sending me the script of the film. He just asked me to read the script and react to it. There was no pressure on me to say yes to it because we are friends. I read it and I told him that this is the best script he has written so far and I loved the role. So, I said yes.” Again, as soon as Katrina finished answering, Salman exclaimed with a smile, “Thank you Priyanka!” This was a clear hint that the superstar prefers Kat over PeeCee as a co-star in Bharat.  


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Bharat also stars actor-comedian Sunil Grover in a key role. Talking about Sunil, Salman said, “Sunil Grover is one of the most talented men I have come across. He is fantastic in the movie. He is playing my childhood friend and stays with me till the end. He has done a fabulous job.” Bharat, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar also stars Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani, Tabu and Sonali Kulkarni. The movie is slated for an Eid release.