Mumbai: In a dialogue promo of the Salman Khan’s Eid release Bharat, the film’s leading lady Katrina Kaif is seen proposing marriage to the actor while eating a meal together. When quizzed if ever any woman has proposed marriage to him during a romantic candle-lit dinner, Salman Khan told My Nation, “No, it hasn’t happened so far, because I don’t go for candlelight dinners. Whenever candlelight dinners happen, this topic (of marriage) arises. So, I (avoid them). Also, I can't see the food properly in candlelight.” When asked if that makes him feel disappointed, the superstar quipped, “Yes, I feel really sad that I haven’t been approached yet.”

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan as he is fondly known has a huge number of fans across the nation, who are ready to do anything for him. When asked about the secret to his huge fan base, the 53-year-old superstar smiled, “God has blessed me. I don’t know what fans see in me that they shower me with so much love. The kind of movies I do now, I used to react the same way (as my fans do) when I would watch such kind of films as a kid. So, now when I do these films, the way they react, I feel I would also have loved to see my hero like that and reacted in a similar way.” However, the actor believes that his stardom will fade away with time. The ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ actor said, “It is a huge task to keep it going for such a long time. In fact, I think, Shah Rukh (Khan), myself, Aamir (Khan) and Akki (Akshay Kumar), we are the only ones who have been able to pull it off for such a long time. We will try our best to keep it going for another few years and then our box office collections will start going down.”


Salman Khan generally enjoys a good box office collection with his movies. However, his films are not usually showered with kind words from critics. Talking about how even his blockbuster movies have received negative reviews from critics, the actor-producer expressed, “They (critics) are negative people. It doesn’t matter to me whatever they are saying about me or my picture. I know what they’ll say. The thing is that they themselves have never made a film. And, if they have tried, they have failed big time. They get paid for writing reviews.”


He added, “But let the audience and fans go to the theatre first. Many people don’t go to watch films after reading negative reviews. At least think about the producer. Films are not cheap to make these days. Maine Pyar Kiya (1989 film) was made with 1 crore 11 lakhs, which at that time was the highest budgeted film. So, it is not that anymore. Today, even the smallest film costs 25-30 crores.” He offered a suggestion to critics, saying, “Write a review but don’t be irresponsible, don’t make fun of somebody and let the audience go and see it. It makes no difference to me but there are people to whom this makes a huge difference.”

Bharat starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead hits theatres on June 05.