Speaking at a function organised by Spand an Arts on the sidelines of 11th Mohammed Rafi awards on Tuesday, Farooq Khan, advisor to Governor of Jammu and Kashmir G C Murmu, said a "negative" perception has been created regarding Jammu and Kashmir that continues to be on the edge ever since the abrogation of the special status given to it under Article 370.

"This is not a place of terrorism, but a paradise of tourism," he said, adding that ground reality in the union territory is entirely different than what is being told to the outside world.

"To see the reality on ground, you will have to visit the place and I am sure you will find it as peaceful as any other part of the country," he added.

According to a press release, Khan said the film industry has a long-standing relationship with Jammu and Kashmir but the ties suffered in the past few years.

"It is the right time for reviving that age-old link between Bollywood and Kashmir," he said.

He urged the film fraternity to renew its ties with the region and said it must look for opportunities to shoot films in the union territory.

"It takes time to change people's perception. What our government intends to do is to change it," the advisor said.

Khan also appealed to the media to present "a true picture of Kashmir in order to promote it as safe tourist destination to the outside world".

He said a three-day global investors summit will be held next year in the union territory for the first time which will provide an opportunity to the region to showcase its strengths, strategies and potential.