Director of "Mental Hai Kya", Prakash Kovelamudi, has rubbished reports of actor Kangana Ranaut interfering with the project and called all the rumours "baseless." 

There were reports that Kangana has been interfering with the shooting of the film and was unhappy with some of the scenes, which had to be re-shot, thus causing the delay in the release of the movie.

In a statement released by the makers, Prakash said on his set, "Kangana was an actor; a professional one, and a creative asset." 


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"Both Kangana and Rajkummar Rao are powerhouse performers, whom I enjoyed directing. I am happy to see how their characters have turned out. 'Mental Hai Kya' is an intriguing thriller with doses of quirk. The film challenges the norms, and I am thrilled to bring to the audience something original," he added.

The director denied reports about portions of the film being re-shot and said, "We finished the first leg in Mumbai, the second in London, and the last one in Mumbai again. The final schedule was wrapped last month. That's all. All other conjecture is baseless." 

Produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and Shaailesh R Singh, "Mental Hai Kya" is scheduled to release on July 26.