Hollywood pop star Justin Bieber recently came to India to perform at the sangeet ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. As per several reports, the 'Yummy' star charged over Rs 83 crore for the gig. However, the thing that has gotten the most attention was his choice of outfit which has sparked a wave of jokes and memes all across the Indian social media. 

Many fans are calling this a waste of money and dubbing his outfit as 'chaddi baniyan'. One user on X (formerly Twitter) made a post about Justin's outfit for the performance. The caption read, "Justin Bieber wearing Ramraj baniyan during his performance in Ambani's sangeet ceremony, when you're big, you're BIG."



Several other users also made posts about Justin and his performance. One user posted pictures from the night and wrote, "83 crores for this" with a clown emoji. 



Some users were mad that Justin charged Rs 83 crore for the gig, One user wrote, "83,000 people could have been lifted out of poverty."

Another user wrote, "They just want to showoff Their money"

One person commented, "Money is coming from general public. Ambanis have increased tariifs on outgoing calls by 25% ."