Salman Khan, 54, is still called the most desirable bachelour of India. Many reports claim that he was in a relationship with many actresses like Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani, but none of them ended up in marriage. 

And at the age of 54, he is still single and enjoying doing films and shows. But you will be surprised to know that Salman is still unmarried because of Rekha. 

In an interview, Rekha was once quoted saying that Salman used to follow her wherever she went. It was during the time when Salman was Rekha's neighbour, and he used to attend her yoga classes to get a glimpse of the diva.

In an interview, Salman said that he was crazy about Rekha and wanted to marry her. He also stated that he had not married anyone because of Rekha. "Probably...that's why I am still unmarried,” Salman has said. To that, Rekha replied saying, "Shaayad meribhi isiliye nahin huyi..." cute!

In an old interview, Salman Khan had revealed that he wanted to marry Sangeeta Bijlani. According to a leading web portal, Salman Khan and Sangeeta were in love and had finalised their wedding dates too. In Salman's biography, Being Salman, penned by Jasim Khan, it was revealed, ''Salman and Sangeeta were planning to tie the knot on May 27, 1994, but suddenly the event was called off.''

In the popular chat show Koffee with Karan, Salman had confessed that he was almost about to marry Sangeeta Bijlani and that the wedding cards were also printed. However, Sangeeta called off the wedding because she allegedly caught him red-handed with another woman. 

Karan Johar had asked Salman, "Did she (Sangeeta) catch you?" Salman replied by saying, "Yeah kind of..." He added, "I got caught, I am stupid. I don't get caught nowadays as I lie. I just deny the whole thing, I just lie. I swear.''