Bollywood is a diverse industry. A lot of new faces arrive here every new day. But very few individuals are able to leave their mark in the Bollywood film industry. With all that’s going in the news these days, it’s hard to find some luck and even harder to stay motivated to keep going forward. While a lot of debutantes talk about their struggles, Gurmeet Kaur, the fresh talent in the society is looking at the bright side of it.

A highly motivated and passion-driven actress Gurmeet is all set to create ripples in the film industry. She recently appeared in a YouTube Music video which was produced under the Zee Banner and reportedly gathered more than 1 Million views on YouTube.

In her interviews, she speaks at length about how she is very considerate about her choices. She chooses content over anything else, and likes to get totally involved in whatever she does, giving it her all and hence improvising her roles promptly. Her indulgence into her roles is often appreciated by the directors and producers, and has always resulted in an amazing cinema piece.

She is now awaiting her upcoming movie ‘Rangraas’ to be released in the theatres nationally. The movie is reportedly under production right now, and is set to be released soon after the cinema theatres are reopened across the nation. She is very positive about her role in this movie. She is optimist that her acting skills and efforts will be recognised by the viewers as well as other directors in the industry.

Gurmeet Kaur is moving fast but cautiously.  She believes that the more challenging roles, and the more variety of roles she does, her acting improves; just like a diamond which shines even more only after it has been polished excessively. Gurmeet is not just motivated, she is passionate, optimistic, young, beautiful and talented, which is a perfect blend of characteristics required to succeed in the film industry.

She is open to more acting opportunities in Bollywood, and for YouTube . Her focus is on growing and evolving. Rather than just sitting down waiting for an amazing script, she wants to experiment new looks and get into the lives of new characters to cherish her love for acting and cinema altogether.