From working in an adult entertainment industry to becoming a popular Bollywood actress and now an entrepreneur, Sunny Leone is seen doing everything under the sun to become a successful woman. Besides acting and modelling, she has launched many products under her name, from perfume line Lust to buying Box-league cricket team Chennai Swaggers, online game called Teen Patti, make-up range Star Struck, etc. She knows how to multiply money in the right way.

She is also a careful investor. So, let us look at how Sunny manages her money:


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Take calculated risks: 
In an interview, she was seen saying, "I am a control freak so, everything is very calculated. There is risk-taking involved, but it's a calculated risk, which includes business investments, mutual funds, stocks.” The moves are extremely calculated as she believes the investment will eventually bring good returns.

Gold bonds: 
According to reports, Sunny has invested 30% in gold; however she don't display them on herself. She said, "I prefer gold bonds rather than buying physical gold."

Sunny favours the real estate market in India as it's the safest investment and the prices will go up eventually. She has also invested in a 5,000 sq ft house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, USA. She once said, "If I ever have to sell it, I know I will make money from it." 

Retirement/Future plans: 
Reports claim that Sunny has already started investing in the IRA (Individual Retirement Account) in the USA. She is positive that she'll get a huge amount every month after she grows old. 

Upgrading self: 
Sunny believes that one needs to invest in oneself. She recently started learning about HTML, photo/video editing, website building, etc. These things are helping her in building her website and creating videos. 


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Stock market and mutual funds: 
The actress has heavily invested in the market in the USA. It was reported that she has invested 40% of her income in trading. It is said that DOW and NASDAQ are very profitable since Donald Trump became the President of the USA.

Insurance plans:
In an interview with Economic Times, Sunny said she has home insurance, earthquake insurance and car insurance. In India, she also has car insurance for her BMW 7 series car.

Health insurance:
The mother of three, Sunny has bought a fully covered health insurance in the US and India too. She has kept aside a decent amount for all health emergencies too.