Mumbai:  Here is a look at some of the distinctly interesting ways in which fans celebrate their hero Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday.

Fan turns home into a shrine for Shah Rukh Khan:

Vishal Singh’s fandom for his ever-favourite star exists on a maddening level of enthusiasm and intense devotion. The Lucknow-based entrepreneur has turned his entire home into the sanctum of Shah Rukh Khan by adorning all the walls of his house with posters of the hero. Even his car and his medical shop house numerous posters of the star announcing the fan’s boundless craze to the world. He has also named his children Simran and Aryan. His admiration and affection are instances of the superstar’s popular appeal and impact among his fans worldwide.

Fan buys land in moon for her star:

Earlier, King Khan himself shared the marvellous story of a fan from Australia buying a piece of land on moon every year on the occasion of the hero’s birthday as a token of her love and awe for him. Thanks to her, now the star owns several acres of land in the heavenly space beyond the clouds and the earth, closer to the shimmering stars. He gratefully maintains a close rapport with this fan and the love from the star in her regard is worth all the moon and the shooting stars. 

Woman spends $ 3,300 to meet the hero:

Mehjabeen Erum Alim, a fan from Bangladesh spent a massive sum of $ 3,300 to reach Malacca where she could meet the star, who arrived there for a film shoot. Her dreams did come true when she saw Shah Rukh Khan, who took time out to meet and greet the fans gathered outside the airport.

These dedicated fans, who almost worship the star, present a wondrous and infinite form of love and are a huge blessing to him. On his birthday, as merry enthrals all of them, MyNation dedicates its hearty birthday wishes to the star and his billions of fans.