Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan got married on October, 25, 1991. They are one of the most powerful couples in Bollywood. SRK and his beloved wife have been giving true couple goals since they were married. 

Did you know, on the first night of their wedding, something unusual happened and it became an interesting point to note. 

Just after the marriage, Shah Rukh and Gauri spent their first night on the sets of a film. Yes, this is true. According to reports, the reason behind this was Hema Malini.

On the day of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan's wedding, Hema called the actor and said that he has to come for the shoot of Dil Aashna Hai, which featured Hema.

Gauri, who was excited to meet Hema, was all ready and she reached the studio with Shah Rukh. Everyone was present in the studio except Hema Malini. 

The couple kept waiting for the veteran actress, but she did not turn up. Later, Shah Rukh Khan started his part to shoot leaving Gauri inside the makeup room around 11pm. The shooting was wrapped up at around 2 am, but Hema Malini didn't turn up.

After shooting, when Khan returned to the make-up room, he saw Gauri, who was dressed in her wedding attire, sleeping on a chair and the whole room was full of mosquitoes biting his newly married woman. Those were day of struggle for Shah Rukh Khan. He kept quiet and didn't speak about this to anyone.