Mumbai: Boney Kapoor still has not been able to cope with Sridevi’s loss. When the film maker was asked about Sridevi on KomalNehta’s chat show,if there is a moment in which he does not miss his wife he says with a tears in his eyes and broken voice that “it is impossible”.

The teaser of the episode is out in which KomalNehta asks him about his bad financial decision to which he replies that if some has support of their wife he can fight with anything in life.

Boney Kapoor also say "There has to be someone who understands that I haven't used my money for a wrong purpose. I haven't lost it in a gamble or a race and I am aware of my mistake. In this case, if you do not have support at home, support from wife, with that support you can fight anything"

Sridevi was a legendary actress and her death was in news for long time because of the situation in which her body was found and lots of negative speculations were also made it was soon cleared that she died because of accidental drowning.