Jayant Sankla is singer and songwriter based in Mumbai and Delhi. Jayant have been working on Bollywood films like Bagpat Ka Dulha, The Wallet and Coat. Jayant adds that he plans to release a new single every second month alongside his film songs to strike a balance and for his love for independent music.

Talking about the track, Jayant says, “Phir se tu" has been a crazy journey. It's a wonderful process that I have been a part of. It's a special project because this is the first time I have done Vocal designing. This Song features Shahid Mallya and is Composed by Chandan Saxena.

As a music producer, I get to work on films very often, but It's an independent song and I felt every bit of being free while working on it. I have designed the vocal and it goes on throughout the song. That's the soul of it. We have featured a wonderful singer Shahid Mallya. He was perfect for the kind of male vocalist we wanted. It's my third single and I'm really looking forward to more songs with him. In the middle of all the film music that I am doing, this is a different journey altogether.”
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