For Akshay Aruku, his life often revolved around science during his school days as he wanted to be a scientist. However, he also remained active in cultural activities performing small plays and skits. 

This further developed his interest in the world of acting. He also remembered how his grandpa used to take him to the theatres where he was the part of a play based on Ramayana. This further intrigued him and he explored the areas close to the play. He used to catch up with the play and tried to connect with the characters. Soon when he was a grown-up young man this fantasy turned into a reality.

Soon his journey started in the direction of the creative field. However, he remained the center of gossip as many of his close friends even used to dislike him and never left any chance to ridicule him. His early life, therefore, seemed difficult and he was also conned by people in the motion picture domain promising him work that never worked out for him. 


Akshay Aruku

He had to face a lot from his family as they also did not pay much respect to him forget about encouraging him to pursue his dream career. Despite all odds, he overcame the hurdles and came out to start things in South Indian film industry working in Sandalwood and trying his luck in Bollywood as well as an actor.

He worked in different dialects with different groups and executives. He had to face a lot from the groups and the chiefs when it comes to shooting for any sequence. 

This led to myths and misconceptions yet they found out alternate methods to embark upon the sequences. Although he found it naive and silly, yet he adjusted himself to defy these challenges and hurdles to come out in flying colors as an actor. 

All these things have been his great teacher and he learnt a lot from these situations and experiences. He now perfectly matured in his work getting applauds from the directors and filmmakers. He feels the Romantic genre is his type as it suits his attitude.