The fight is now not just between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz, but the impact of their unexpected altercation has also resulted in arguments beṭween other housemates.  

With Paras and Mahira siding with Sidharth, Himanshi and Shefali choose to support Asim. Rashami, who is often quiet at such times chooses to support Asim this time.

Recently, Shehnaz and Rashami got into a spat when the latter accused Shehnaz of wearing and exhausting the collection of her designer clothes because “she can’t afford any”.  On hearing this accusation, Shehnaz loses her calm and assures her of paying the designer for the outfits once she is out. She also claims that Rashami has no other work to do inside the house, and hence brings up outside issues to fight with people inside.


Rashami calls Shehnaz ‘Punjab Ki Rakhi Sawant’ while Shehnaz replies by saying that Rakhi Sawant is a good human being and is also bold enough to be upfront and unlike her, who hides behind a mask and does not show her real face.

(Press Release)