On the second day of the task at the Bigg Boss house, it is Sidharth, Asim, Paras and Rashami’s turn to meet their family members. As the task progresses, the last one standing on the podium is Rashami waiting to meet her ‘temptation’.

Soon as the doorbell rings, Rashami’s niece and nephew Bhavya and Swastik enter the house. Rashami too, gives up her captaincy and hugs them tightly. Tears stream down her face as she gets emotional after meeting them. The housemates too are very happy to meet the kids. They motivate Rashami and ask her to stay strong and not cry.


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Bhavya and Swastik also act as peacemakers between Rashami and Sidharth. They ask her to make amends with him and go back to being friends. The two then ask them to shake hands and call it a truce.

Will Rashami and Sidharth’s renewed friendship hold?