Orhan Awatrami, famously known as Orry, is a social media personality who can often be spotted partying with star kids or tagging along with them on several trips. He has made his fame through the internet by gathering as much attention as he can and thrives off it. 

Recently, Orry made a post on Instagram and shared pictures of him taking a train to Kodaikanal, wearing his signature 'I am a liver' t-shirt and a blue cap. His caption read, "The train to Kodaikanal"



A post shared by Orhan Awatramani (@orry)


The post currently has 98.8K likes and over 2K comments. Several users chimed in to give their 2 cents on the matter. One user wrote, "It's South India, no one cares about him. Orry best suited in Mumbai," making fun of for not being relevant outside Mumbai.  

Many users also praised him for his simplicity and for taking a train. One commentator wrote, "A person must know to be in private jet as well as in public train or bus Perfect example," lauding him as a perfect example. 

While there were some trolls and some genuine praises, people were also criticising him for just doing PR for himself to get famous and earn by doing nothing. One user wrote, "He is a son of business man and so he knows all the celebrities but the moment people started recognising him and asking about him , he started his business of PR but PR for himself with others so he just earn money by being present on every shows functions and get your attention every time . Don’t give him any attention and he will end living on this train. @orry."

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