Dr. Anil Kumar sets new benchmark in entrepreneurial realm with Ankita Groups of Companies

By Team MyNationFirst Published May 12, 2022, 2:35 PM IST

The Ankita Group of Companies deals in manufacturing and trading of various products like agro, healthcare, and grocery in the international market.

Continuous hard work, determination, and perseverance can take a person a long way. There is no doubt that putting in regular efforts can be exhausting but these constant efforts make a person's life worth living. There are many people who work to give themselves a better life, but some also work to provide a better life to those in need. One such person who is not only making a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world but is also making a difference in society is the CEO & Chairman of the Ankita Groups of Companies, Dr. Anil Kumar. 

Self-made millionaire Dr. Anil Kumar is nothing less than an inspiration for people who are willing to make a big name for themselves. The Ankita Group of Companies deals in manufacturing and trading of various products like agro, healthcare, and grocery in the international market. Ankita Overseas, which is a part of Ankita Group, deals in the export, import, and supply of numerous agro products like rice, fox nuts, lychee, etc. Today, the company’s products reach different countries and continents including Africa, the USA, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc. They sell over 43 different premium quality products and they have successfully grabbed a high status in their industry. However, this journey was not an easy one for Dr. Anil Kumar who took a risk and chose to do something different instead of having a stable job. He had to face struggles like lack of financial aid and infrastructure but in the end, he rigorously worked and achieved everything he desired. 

There is no doubt that Dr. Anil Kumar has set a benchmark in the industry but his philanthropic work also deserves to be appreciated. From the very start, Dr. Anil was determined to help those in need. He tries to help as many people as possible and even has an NGO named Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation. The NGO’s vision is to empower and educate women and for that, they teach them different subjects and provide them with skill training so that these women can sustain themselves on their own. Dr. Kumar also looks after the war widows, disabled, and retired defense personnel by providing them with amenities including living space, jobs, making them well versed with government schemes, etc. 

The list of his selfless efforts does not end here, Dr. Anil Kumar never even thinks twice before helping someone which also includes providing financial aid. He has supported 150+ poor families in Bihar during the times the state was hit by flood. He emerged as a knight in shining armour during the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Anil helped many people reach their destinations. To make sure that the differently-abled group gets the same education and does not face any discrimination he also did set up many schools. 

Dr. Anil Kumar’s achievements have received numerous recognition and one among them was Rashtriya Udyog Ratha Award, which he received in 2011 by the National Education and Human Resource -Development Organisation. Dr. Anil’s dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work are a lesson and motivation for everyone who is sceptical about doing what their heart desires.

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