West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reassured the public today that Tilapia fish does not cause cancer, dismissing rumors that had spread fear among people. During a meeting at the state secretariat, she asked officials if there were any negative health impacts from eating Tilapia. Upon receiving confirmation that there was no evidence linking Tilapia consumption to cancer, she expressed concern over why action hadn't been taken against those spreading false information.

"Eat Tilapia without any fear. There is no truth to the rumor that it causes cancer. Who started this false news? Why haven't they been held accountable?" Ms. Banerjee questioned.

She also directed officials to release Tilapia fish into ponds as part of the 'Jal Bharo, Jal Dharo' scheme. This initiative aims to enhance water bodies with aquatic life, promoting environmental sustainability.

Tilapia is a popular fish known for its mild flavor and health benefits. It is a popular choice for consumption in various regions globally, including India. The chief minister's statements aimed to reassure the public and dispel any misconceptions about Tilapia's safety as a food source.

Misinformation about food and health can cause unnecessary anxiety and affect dietary habits. Leaders like Mamata Banerjee play a crucial role in clarifying such issues and ensuring accurate information reaches the public.

The 'Jal Bharo, Jal Dharo' scheme, which encourages stocking ponds with Tilapia fish, aligns with efforts to promote fisheries and enhance water resources management. It underscores the state government's commitment to both ecological balance and food security initiatives.

In conclusion, Mamata Banerjee's proactive stance on debunking myths about Tilapia fish not only promotes food safety but also highlights the importance of reliable information in public health discourse. Her directives reflect a commitment to addressing public concerns and fostering sustainable agricultural practices across West Bengal.