Controversial Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had allegedly visited the graves of Palestinian terrorists in Tunisia who were responsible for the killing of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in 1972.

His pictures from the year 2014 have surfaced once again.

While Corbyn insisted that he visited the graves of 47 Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike on a Tunisian PLO base in 1985, the Daily Mail reported that the air strike victims' grave was 15 yards away and Corbyn was actually standing at the grave of the terrorists responsible for Black September.

The plaque honours Salah Khalaf, who founded Black September and his aides Fakhri al-Omari and Hayel Abdel-Hamid. Close to their grave is the grave of Atef Bseiso,  intelligence chief of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and who was also allegedly a part of the massacre.

The Morning Star quoted Corbyn as saying, "I was in Tunisia at a Palestinian conference.

"I laid a wreath to all those that had died in the air attack that took place on Tunis, on the headquarters of the Palestinian organisations there.

"And I was accompanied by very many other people who were at a conference searching for peace."

This comes at a time when Corbyn and his Labour party has been accused of anti-Semitism. He had recently equated Israel to Nazi Germany.