Two weeks after the brutal death of Tigress Avni, her cubs have now been spotted alive and in healthy condition. The cubs are said to be spotted in Yavatmal's, Vihirgaon area, where one cub was seen in a camera trap set up by the forest department. 

 This comes as a great relief after the cubs which are said to be 11-months old had kept the forest department worried, after their mothers death. The forest officials have scattered chunks of meat in order to ensure the cubs are in good shape, before they are tranquilised and taken in to a rescue centre. The government has approached an NGO, requesting to take keen care of the baby tigers. 

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The image that was circulated by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests(PCCF), has definitely lit up a ray of sunshine for several relentless protestors who have been demanding justice for Tigress Avni, and a safe haven for her orphaned cubs as well. 

Tigress Avni, was killed two weeks ago, after being labelled a man-eater. She was shot by sharp shooter Shafath Ali Khan's son, Asghar Ali Khan, who alleged that he was forced to shoot the Tigress in self-defence after she had apparently come charging at his jeep when he attempted to tranquilised her. However, several medical reports, from the post-mortem report to necropsy report proved his statement wrong. 

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