Chennai: Maridhas has become a household name in Tamil Nadu after #ISupportMaridhas went viral on social media. Maridhas is a professor who has countered the DMK in the state in his book, “Why I support Modi”, using facts and figures. Several people praised Maridhas for his approach.

Readers of his book believe that Maridhas has not criticised any religion, neither has he supported any religion, yet his point is made.

Some Twitter users expressed their anger over the existing affairs in Tamil Nadu and supported Maridhas and his ideology.

Who is Maridhas?

Maridhas is a college professor from Madurai and has openly pledged his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Despite his support for Modi, he never asked his students to vote for the BJP, but instead requested them to research before blindly believing a party.

Twitterati is quite pleased with this budding leader. Here are a few of their tweets.